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I am a grateful child of God, a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ and a jar of clay privileged to contain God’s Holy Spirit.  I am also Kristal’s husband, Lyndon, Matthew and Jackson’s dad and Neil and Connie’s son.

I currently serve as one of the shepherds for the church of Christ on McDermott Rd. in Plano, Texas.  I have been privileged to be a part of this wonderful church family since the church was planted by the Waterview Church of Christ in Richardson. Texas in 1999.  God has blessed me and my family tremendously since then and much of what I will write in this space will be inspired by my service to this church family that has been such a critical part of my journey of faith.

I also serve as the Chief Executive Officer of PFSweb in Allen, Texas where I’ve been employed since 1999.  I have been associated with this company and many of it’s management and staff since 1989 and many of my most vibrant and treasured relationships are tied to my tenure with PFSweb.  I have been blessed to work for a company that has allowed me to exercise my faith actively within my service to the company and its employees.  My sincere thanks to my board of directors for allowing me to bring some shepherding concepts to the work place in my quest to be a good shepherd leader in a public corporation.  I know there are many places where I would not have this same opportunity and I do not take it for granted.

That brings me to the point of this blog.  I do not intend to use this as a forum for generalized musings or personal introspection.  This blog is dedicated to the exploration, discussion and expansion of faith in the ordinary life settings such as workplace, community, family and church.  I am a church leader, a corporate leader, a family man and involved in my community and so perhaps I have something to share with others who are interested in this topic.  I do not know what paths this journey may take, but if it is a journey that is guided by God’s Holy Spirit as I intend, it will be an experience that challenges and benefits many people along the way.  If it is an effort that is in accordance with God’s will, it will clearly reflect His glory and the glory of His Son, my personal Savior.

Finally, although my perspective will clearly be a Christian perspective, I believe everything we discuss in this space will revolve around absolute and universal truths created by the one true God.  If you come to this space from a different faith or even no faith at all, I challenge you to consider the ideas that are expressed here and how these ideas may apply to you and your relationships at work.  I believe you will benefit if your heart is open.

My first post is a post of gratitude and humility.  Regardless of where you pick up in the journey, please take time to review the starting point with this first post to see who deserves credit for whatever good may flow from my keyboard.  To God be the Glory!

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