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RSS Feeds

You are welcome to check in with me every week to find the latest post.  However, if you want to have my posts sent to you automatically each week, simply subscribe to my blog by clicking on the RSS links in the Subscribe section of any page on the site and then follow the instructions to activate the RSS feed.  Each post will then be delivered to your favorite reader or even your Outlook box.


I will frequently use hyperlinks inside my posts to refer to outside Internet content.  When I don’t quote an entire scripture reference within a post, I will try to always hyperlink to Bible Gateway with the scripture reference.  I will also link to Amazon if I reference a book that I recommend.  Clicking on a hyperlink will launch a new window that you can simply close when you are done.


This blog uses moderated comments which means I have to review and approve any comments you make about a post.  This is done to provide a way to keep spam from showing up in the blog and also to make sure comments are appropriate for the audience.  I will generally approve a comment within 24 hours even if the comment is critical.  I am looking for dialog, so feel free to disagree with a post and let me know.  Just remember, millions of people will be reading your comments!  : )

If you want to make a private comment that will not show on the site, please begin your comment with “PRIVATE COMMENT:” and then provide your comment.  I will not publish any comment that begins this way.  If you would like to reply to your comment, simply provide your email address within the comment and I will try to reply within the week of the post.

Prayer Requests

I would love to serve you by praying for you.  If there is something going on in your life that I can include in my personal prayer life, I would be honored to hear your request.  I don’t claim to have any superior avenue to God compared to any other believer.  I just believe in the power of prayer and I believe there is power in numbers when it comes to prayers for specific concerns.  This blog uses moderated comments which ensures that no comment will be automatically posted to the comment section.  I have to read and approve any comments.  This means you can safely use the comments section to send me a prayer request with confidence that your communication will remain private.   Please begin your prayer request with “PRIVATE PRAYER REQUEST:” and then provide as much detail as you wish.  I promise I will honor your request in my personal prayer life.  If you want to hear back from me, please include an email address in your message and I will try to reply within the week of the post. You can also send me an email message by clicking here.


Please let me know if there are other tips I can provide that will help you enjoy this blog.

Meet me at the intersection!



  1. Praise God for shepherds who lead!

  2. Mike,
    I would really like to meet you sometime and get to know you better. I’m looking for a good Christian professional that has “done it” that can help me “do it.” Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Faith with me via your blog.

    God Bless!

  3. This was a really good article. I thought my only addiction was food until I bought an iphone!!! I saw a bumper sticker that said, “If you love Jesus honk your horn—If you want to see him soon, text!!!”

  4. Mike, you are to be admired for bringing each week thought provoking lessons in life to all people of different faiths.

    Considering you hold down so many jobs, including that of a husband, parent you are one busy person.

    I can fully understand how you are able to do it, since i am sure the word work is not in your vocabulary.

    Being as passionate about your relationship with God and your religion it is clear you are similarly with life and when you love what you are doing it is not “work”

    • Hi Alan!

      Thanks for your comment. I think you have hit on a very important factor in being effective in what you set your mind to doing. Attitude is critical. If one views their work (regardless of setting) as a duty or an obligation that is resented, it is likely the results will be inferior or at least the work will be an intrusion in one’s life. When work is viewed as a God-given privilege, a person is freed to enjoy or even relish the tasks at hand and be the best they can be at each job. It is a blessing to enjoy one’s work and I am absolutely a blessed man in that regard!


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