Posted by: Mike Willoughby | July 13, 2011

Ah, Vacation!

I am taking the next the next two weeks off from writing Intersections (OK, three if you count this week).  It’s vacation time and I’m leaving as many responsibilities, duties, obligations and even some privileges (such as Intersections) behind in order to spend 10 days of no-responsibility vacation with my best friend.

I’ve known Kristal all my life but we’ve only been best friends for 27 years.  For 25 of those years she has also been my wife.  Earlier this year, we observed our 25th anniversary and next week we are going away to celebrate those 25 years.  There is nothing this side of heaven sweeter than being married to your best friend!

Blessing to each of you at the Intersection!


P.S. My oldest son, Lyndon is in charge while we are gone so please pray for him and his little brothers!

: )


  1. Mike, you hit the nail on the head. Being married to your best friend is one of God’s most precious blessing.

  2. Glad to have you back all tanned and rested. It was a great talk last night and I wish I had known all these things before. I was not brought up CofC but have been a memeber since 1976 so really I have been reborn into it. I wish truly that more young marrieds in or out of the Church could’ve heard that talk it was so good. My granddaughter has just married her best friend as well and I pray that they too may have that same relationship as you have with your wonderful wife Kristal. Now I know why she always looks so happy. You are blssed with wonderful sons and all round you are a blessed family. Thank you again Mike. God bless you continually. Sister in Christ Jean van Druten

    • Thanks Jean! I appreciate the “words of affirmation.” I am blessed with a great wife and a wonderful marriage and both Kristal and I give God all the glory.

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